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cobblestone setts

Decorative concrete surfaces for commercial and residential applications. Architectural concrete is ideal for interior or exterior use on both residential or commercial properties. Whether the property's architectural concepts call for an old world touch, a dramatic contemporary look, or modern styling, our wide variety of colors and realistic textures presents unlimited possibilities. Imagine having the look of slate like the walks of New Orleans, cobblestone in any or the varied textures and designs used in europe, a brick drive, plaza area or street, where individual bricks do not come loose, or even the look of a wood deck without the worry of boards warping. These options can make any area brighter, more colorful, more interesting, and more personal.
Country: United States

ADCO Blue Construction, commonly known as ADCO, is a specialty construction company - the leading provider of Decorative Concrete Finishing System in the Philippines. The company focus on high-performance materials, excellent workmanship, affordability, and exceptional value added services to better serve its customers. ADCO Blue works hand in hand with developers/homeowners, architects, consultants, project managers, and contractors to achieve the desired look and effect of decorative concrete. The company's sales professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of the products to recommend to its clients the best suited patterns and colors to match or blend with their overall landscape and building concept. Decorative concrete is a sustainable building material - an alternative material that can mimic real stones such as slate, cobblestone, adobe, as well as wood and shells on your usual concrete floor without 'quarrying' or added demand on natural resources. As a specialty company, ADCO Blue has earned a reputation in the construction market as number one in quality and service. ADCO Blue name is synonymous with quality decorative concrete and architectural concrete finishes, and has developed an extensive amount of goodwill that will assure the public of the company's serious commitment to deliver quality products, and a reliable partner as a specialty concrete provider.
Country: Philippines